About ReMEDy

The ReMEDy Center is a non-profit ministry of the Birmingham Baptist Association in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Rehabilition Services' STAR program.  The Center opened its doors in Birmingham in 2009 at the former site of Central Park Baptist Church in Ensley, but now resides in downtown Birmingham near the major hospitals.

The ReMEDy Center seeks to involve churches, civic groups and individuals in an ongoing effort by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) to provide pre-owned medical equipment to people in need. ADRS's STAR (Statewide Technology Access and Response) program accepts donations of medical equipment and places the items on a monthly inventory list available online. The equipment is then loaned to family members, caseworkers, school employees and others around the state who work with individuals with either chronic or short-term disabilities or illnesses.

You can help the ReMEDy Center by (1) donating equipment, (2) finding people with equipment to donate, (3) finding people who need to be loaned this equipment and and (4) by picking up or delivering within your communy.

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How to Request Items or Donate Items from The Remedy Center

Remedy Center loans used durable medical equipment free of charge to individuals in need who have no other means of obtaining these items. 

This is made possible through the efforts of people willing to donate used medical equipment to Remedy.  We are staffed by part-time volunteers who want to help you with your need if possible.

Remedy is located at 2610 3rd Ave S, Bham AL 35233.  We are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Appointments are required for those desiring to donate or recieve items from Remedy.

Please call us at (205) 783-9170 to make an appointment and to find out if we have the specific piece of equipment  you need.

Please contact us at (205) 783-9170 if you would like to donate to the Remedy Center's mission. We will set up an appointment time for you to frop off the equipment, or to pick up the donated items if possible.

When you call Remedy, be prepared to leave a voicemail that specifies:
 (1) a number where we may return your call and reach you
(2) the specific piece or pieces of equipment that you need
(3) the day and time you would like to pick it up.
Being as specific as possible in your message will allow us to serve your needs quickly and without complications.  We do not make appointments after 3 p.m. on the days we are open.