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Crutches are the most basic form of walking aid.  They should be adjusted so that you can stand normally with your hands just resting on the handles.  Allow about 1.5 inches of space between the crutch and your armpit and let your hands carry the weight of your body.  Keep the crutches tight to the sides of your body when walking.
A padded crutch platform attachment is suggested for those who can't bear weight on their hands.  The padded area allows the user to rest their weight on their forearm while still using crutches to aid their mobility.
A forearm crutch is used by inserting the arm through a cuff at the top of the crutch and holding the hand grip. Forearm crutches are more stable than underarm crutches, but require more practice to enable proper use.
A simple walking cane is a good aid for those who can support their weight but require help with balance. 
A quad cane is similar to the standard cane, with the added stability of four small feet on the bottom.  It can require a little more training than the standard cane for safe use. 
Standard walkers provide greater stability for those who find it difficult to use a cane or crutches.  This greater stability comes at the expense of adaptability, since walkers are less useful for unveven terrain and stairs.
A wheeled walker is only slightly less stable than the standard walker, but allows for greater walking speed, since the user does not have to lift the walker to move forward.
A hemi-walker may be useful for those who have weakness on only one side of the body.  It is more stable than a cane, and less agile than a walker.
The forearm platform attachment for walkers allows those who have less grip strength to use a walker. This attachment can and should be adjusted for the user's specific situation.  If you are considering this attachment you should seek proper training from a therapist trained in its usage.
Walker baskets allow users to carry some items with them when moving from place to place.  These baskets attach directly to the walker and provide users with a greater sense of freedom.
Walker trays provide a flat carrying surface for personal items.  These can be used to hold items such as books and plates, and most have recessed cup holders for beverages.
A rollator or rolling walker allows the user more speed and less stability than standard or wheeled walkers.  Most are equipped with hand brakes for safety.  These devices can be problematic for those whose grip is not strong enough to operate the brakes, or whose balance is not stable enough to operate safely.
3 Wheeled rollators fold and travel easier than 4 wheeled rollators, but do not provide a seat for persons who may need to sit for extended periods.
Knee walkers allow patients with below the knee injuries more mobility and less chance of reinjury than standard crutches or walkers.  These walkers can be heavier and less stable than other walking aids.
How to Request Items or Donate Items from The Remedy Center

Remedy Center loans used durable medical equipment free of charge to individuals in need who have no other means of obtaining these items. 

This is made possible through the efforts of people willing to donate used medical equipment to Remedy.  We are staffed by part-time volunteers who want to help you with your need if possible.

Remedy is located at 2610 3rd Ave S, Bham AL 35233.  We are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Appointments are required for those desiring to donate or recieve items from Remedy.

Please call us at (205) 783-9170 to make an appointment and to find out if we have the specific piece of equipment  you need.

Please contact us at (205) 783-9170 if you would like to donate to the Remedy Center's mission. We will set up an appointment time for you to frop off the equipment, or to pick up the donated items if possible.

When you call Remedy, be prepared to leave a voicemail that specifies:
 (1) a number where we may return your call and reach you
(2) the specific piece or pieces of equipment that you need
(3) the day and time you would like to pick it up.
Being as specific as possible in your message will allow us to serve your needs quickly and without complications.  We do not make appointments after 3 p.m. on the days we are open.