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Transport wheelchairs allow an individual with a disability to be pushed by a companion.  These lightweight folding wheelchairs are portable, but are not designed for users to move by themselves.
A wheelchair allows a person who may be unable to use walking aids for extended periods to move about freely.  Wheelchairs should be carefully chosen to meet each individual's need. 
Reclining wheelchairs and tilt in space wheelchairs both allow for a redistribution of weight that can help prevent pressure sores and fatigue.  Each type has its specific uses, and should be considered under the guidance of a therapist.
Electric wheelchairs allow the user who may lack hand and arm strength to move freely by manipulating a joystick.  These chairs are more portable than powerchairs, but still have the same seat and back as a manual wheelchair.
Mobility scooters are less portable than an electric or manual wheelchair.  Some models fold to allow it to be stored or carried in smaller vehicles.  Their smaller size also allow for a tighter turning radius.
Powerchairs are the most expensive mobility option.  These usually will require ramps or a specialty vehicle for transporting, and have a larger turning radius than scooters.
Something as simple as a specialty seat cushion for your chair can increase your level of comfort and support your activities.  There are many kinds of cushions available, and your needs will be different based on your situation. To see some choices available try typing in  Wheelchair Cushions at
How to Request Items or Donate Items from The Remedy Center

Remedy Center loans used durable medical equipment free of charge to individuals in need who have no other means of obtaining these items. 

This is made possible through the efforts of people willing to donate used medical equipment to Remedy.  We are staffed by part-time volunteers who want to help you with your need if possible.

Remedy is located at 2610 3rd Ave S, Bham AL 35233.  We are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Appointments are required for those desiring to donate or recieve items from Remedy.

Please call us at (205) 783-9170 to make an appointment and to find out if we have the specific piece of equipment  you need.

Please contact us at (205) 783-9170 if you would like to donate to the Remedy Center's mission. We will set up an appointment time for you to frop off the equipment, or to pick up the donated items if possible.

When you call Remedy, be prepared to leave a voicemail that specifies:
 (1) a number where we may return your call and reach you
(2) the specific piece or pieces of equipment that you need
(3) the day and time you would like to pick it up.
Being as specific as possible in your message will allow us to serve your needs quickly and without complications.  We do not make appointments after 3 p.m. on the days we are open.