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Disposable diapers are helpful for those who may not be able to quickly move to a bathroom when the need arises.  These come in various sizes and colors, and are desogned for the needs of men and women.
A toilet riser is helpful for those who lack the strength to lower and raise themselves from the height of a normal commode.  These risers allow a quick and inexpensive alternative to purchasing and installing a handicapped toilet.
Some toilet seats are equipped with handles to aid with stability and safety when sitting or transferring from a mobility device.  This is another of the choices available in this category.
A bedside commode offers stability and convenience for those with limited mobility.  These items differ in features and benefits, so choose carefully based on your specific need.
Grab bars are helpful aids when placed near toilets or in tubs and showers.  They offer a stable handhold for lifting, sitting or transferring.  Care should be taken to install these bars permanently and securely.
Shower chairs, transfer benches, bath boards and transfer boards allow the user to customize their bathing experience based on their needs.  Each of these items offers a way to have a safe and relaxing bath experience in relative safety as long as they are carefully chosen and cautiously used.
How to Request Items or Donate Items from The Remedy Center

Remedy Center loans used durable medical equipment free of charge to individuals in need who have no other means of obtaining these items. 

This is made possible through the efforts of people willing to donate used medical equipment to Remedy.  We are staffed by part-time volunteers who want to help you with your need if possible.

Remedy is located at 2610 3rd Ave S, Bham AL 35233.  We are open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Appointments are required for those desiring to donate or recieve items from Remedy.

Please call us at (205) 783-9170 to make an appointment and to find out if we have the specific piece of equipment  you need.

Please contact us at (205) 783-9170 if you would like to donate to the Remedy Center's mission. We will set up an appointment time for you to frop off the equipment, or to pick up the donated items if possible.

When you call Remedy, be prepared to leave a voicemail that specifies:
 (1) a number where we may return your call and reach you
(2) the specific piece or pieces of equipment that you need
(3) the day and time you would like to pick it up.
Being as specific as possible in your message will allow us to serve your needs quickly and without complications.  We do not make appointments after 3 p.m. on the days we are open.